In which "Thriller" is that much closer to reality.

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RIP Michael Fucking Jackson

I want to be just as crazy as my gran when I'm 89.

Monday was my Gran's 89th birthday, so last Friday our little birthday club of old ladies (plus myself and a few others) took her to Red Lobster and the Erie County Fairgrounds Casino. We ended up taking two cars up, the little old ladies, plus Jack, in one car, and the rest of us in the other.

Our waitress' (the blonde in the middle) name was Madonna. I don't think anyone but myself caught it when she introduced herself, because when I used her name later in the meal my cousin, Joe, gave me a very odd questioning look. Madonna was great, and she tolerated my gran's crazy very well. She listened to Gran's short version of who everyone was at the table (and who wasn't, but was related to her). She even ate some of the birthday cake my aunt made. But, as a former waitress, I know that waitresses will pretty much eat anything they can get their hands on.

I missed the picture of Gran blowing our her candles, so we tried to get her to pretend to blow them out for the picture. It took about five minutes (and five people) to convey to her what we wanted her to do, but finally she did. And she did it the way my Gran does anything - over the top.

Gramma never, ever, looks at the damned camera when you're taking a picture. I have a ton of great profile pictures of my Grandmother, though. In this picture, from left to right, is the group: Sally, Gramma Julie, Aunt Jo Ellen, Miss Pat, Gloria, Jack, Me, Joe.

Remember I said we took two cars? I should have also mentioned that our car was leading, because I knew how to get to Red Lobster and, from there, the Fairgrounds. Because I said this, noone thought to bring a GPS. I never said I knew how to get home - I get turned around way too easily. Well, if you followed my Twitter, you already know that we took a very, very scenic route from the Fairgrounds to Rt 219. We got so lost that at one stop sign we asked the other car which way we should go and they said to "flip a coin." Finally, we saw an old man in his driveway and we begged him for directions. Made it to the junction for 219 and then missed our on ramp, causing for yet another illegal U-turn to be made by both vehicles. We all agreed - next time we're bringing Grace and Milo.