The oven is calling me...

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I love baking. I love blogging. Trouble is, I tend to not do either one for one reason or another. So, taking a cue from "Julie & Julia"'s Julie. I'm going to do both. At the same time.

I always pretend to make loads and loads of cookies ahead of time for the holidays. I spend a few days doing nothing but baking, bagging, and freezing cookies. Trouble is, they never last until the time they're intended for.

So, this year, I'm going to do something a little bit different. I'm going to start baking in September, on September 1st to be exact. I'm going to spread my baking out over 2 months, 60 days, exactly. I'm going to make around 60 different cookie recipes, 60, exactly. That way, I don't spend one week making cookies and the next three weeks eating them.

My little project will run from September 1st to October 30th. That way I can have premade cookies for NaNoWriMo in November. (This year I'm going to ML, so there's a little extra strain on me this year.) Hopefully there will be some leftover for Christmas. But, if not, I'll just get to bake again in December!

I'm super excited about this. So excited I'm going to, probably, do some baking today.

But first, I need recipes! Sixty different cookie recipes. They don't have to be drastically different, but a little something different here and there would be nice. I have 16 recipes as of this post, and I'd love to hear what recipes you, my 6(+?) readers love to make/eat. If you're nice, I might even send you some cookies I made off of your recipe. That is, if I don't eat them all myself first.

Michelle is awesome.

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So, as you may have noticed, I have absolutely nothing to blog about. That and multiple computer/internet issues have left this space sparse, outdated, and half-forgotten. But, because I wanted to update this blog, I asked my faithful Twitter followers what I should blog about. At the time of this post, I got one response. It was from @rotheroni, someone who I've known over the internet since way back in my high school days, when Neopets were all the rage.

She told me to blog about how awesome she was, "because it's true."

Michelle is awesome for several reasons. I'm going to randomly, and probably not in order, list a few that I remember from the many years I've known her.

When livejournal was the hip, cool thing (back when you had to have a code to open one) she routinely made me a new layout just about every time I was sick of my current one.

When she got her first website she hosted mine for free. She also designed and coded my first layout. After that I attempted to do it myself, but almost always screwed something up, which she almost always would fix for me. She also helped with my brother's fan club web page.

Michelle and I also traded Christmas cards every year, a past time that has sadly gone out the window because I'm horrible at sending things in the mail. (I still have a Mother's Day card to send to my mom from 2008.) When I moved by myself for the very first time she sent me a blanket and some ducky things for my bathroom. Those few ducky things (I know one was a soap holder, but I can't remember what else started with her) have now evolved into the "Rubber Ducky Invasion" that is now my bathroom. I tried to complete the set that she started, until Wal-Mart discontinued it.

I remember I sent her a package/letter/card/something one time and I couldn't remember her last name so I just wrote "Michelle Bin Laden" on the package.

I also remember one time, while I was living with my Gramma, that I left the web cam on while I went to rehearsal/work/a party and asked her to watch the house for me. She did. She also claimed that my Gramma, whom she dubbed "Agnus," was hot. She demanded that I start calling her Papa. I did. It started to became difficult to explain that she wasn't really an elder man when I said something about "my papa," but I still did.

We did kind of lose touch for a little bit. Sometime after I "met" her for the first time (during which we went to see Hairspray). But, thanks to twitter, I'm still kind of updated on the awesomeness that is Michelle.

By the way, if you happened to click on the link to the archived version of Michelle's website, the last few sentences of the last post on the page are about me. It's one huge reason why I think that Michelle is so freaking awesome:

Jessica is, honestly, my best friend. She’s always there to make me laugh. She’s very silly, but I like her like that. I’m glad that we met.

So, I'm going to finally pay her back by telling the world wide web what I think of her:

Michelle is, honestly, one of the coolest people I know. She's been there for me whenever I needed her and I can always be myself when I'm talking to her. I'm so glad that I've (hopefully) had the chance to influence the tiniest part of her life, because she has influenced mine in more ways that she or I probably know.
Michelle is awesome.
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