Stalking a stalker.

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While I was waiting for the plumber to arrive early Wednesday morning, I decided it was time I put some actual work into the look of my blog.  Because I'm very lazy, I was looking for an old layout I used for my brother's old fan club, TOSJFC, where I could use the code and just replace the picture.  Looking through old files and emails led me to a very amusing picture and a very sad feeling.

The amusing picture:

The sad feeling:
I used to love rushing home from school to turn on 1490 WESB just to listen to my brother.  It was cool to have someone I know on the radio, especially AM's most popular area DJ.  My brother used the name Stalker Jay during his time at WESB.  He was only there for just over a year, nearly three years ago, and was fired for some reason that I never bothered to ask about.  

I have a sneaking feeling that the radio station was Jay's favorite job.  Not just because he had his very own fan club, but because it let him do something he is very good at, entertaining people.  The radio station let him entertain the masses, while still sitting around doing just about nothing.  It was enough of a real job to be proud of it, but there was enough messing around to make it a fun thing that you got paid to do.

It's not like Jay did nothing but slack off.  He had a fan club to please, for crying out loud!  While he was there he made Employee of the Month twice and even scored himself a ticket to go see OAR with his little sister. 
 (That was the first concert I ever went to, and I'm so glad it was them with my brother.  The St. Bonaventure gym wasn't very crowded, but the band was awesome.  This was OAR before "Shattered", back in the days of "Hey Girl" and "Crazy Game of Poker".  Jay was so excite about getting the free ticket that I remember he squeed like a little girl.)

I wish I could find the audio samples I recorded off the radio way back when.  They hold such awesome memories that no one really cares about, except my brother and me.  The one I really want to find is titled "prom problems."  Apparently, some girl (Sarah?) danced with her grandma's cousin's husband's cousin's grandson (Ryan?) and wanted to know if it was incest.  Stalker Jay broke it down and let her know that it was okay if they kissed, because there was marriage in there somewhere and we were from such a small town that accidental incest was bound to happen sometime.  (Okay, maybe I added the accidental incest bit, but I'm sure he was thinking it.)

Then there's the time we made him try Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.. Or the time he took an on air poll to see if we could guess if he was wearing boxers or briefs (I guessed pink thong).. There was also the radio promo of our grandmother babbling on Jay's voicemail.. And we can't forget the Stalker Jay photoshop contest!

Every once in awhile, TOSJFC comes up in our conversation.  We chat about how much fun he had, how idiotic his listeners were, and the one guy who still yells "STALKER JAY!! I LOVE YOU!!" every time he walks in a bar, even though he's been off the air for three years now.

(Sorry, the TOSJFC site has gone to the wayside, so all the links are versions.)
(Double sorry for the post length, I didn't realise that it'd be this long when I started writing.  But once I got digging for old Stalker Jay stuff, I couldn't stop.  I even began to clean out my closet looking for the old audio files.  I know they're around here somewhere.)


Sorry, have nothing to post about really.  Words don't seem to form correctly in my mind recently. In the meantime, here's a picture of me just before my friends and I were politely asked to remove ourselves from the Dollar Tree.