Mirror Me

I met my Mirror Universe counterpart last night.
At first, she seemed like a very nice person,

but then I turned around. Mirror JessAnn took the opportunity to attack me.

It didn't take me long to figure out what was going on. By the time I turned around, she was already attempting another kick, which I skillfully blocked.

As Mirror JessAnn regained her balance, I attempted to gain the advantage - by kicking her in the head.

Unfortunately, my advantage didn't last long, as Mirror JessAnn quickly struck back by placing her foot in my chest.

I aimed a kick back at her chest, but she very skillfully evaded it.

As I was landing from my kick, Mirror JessAnn spun around me and tried to catch me by surprise again.

I countered by making a quick kick to her abdomen that Mirror JessAnn wasn't prepared for.

In a rash move, Mirror JessAnn attempted another kick. Luckily for me, my block knocked her off balance and caused her to fall to the floor.

Unluckily for me, Mirror JessAnn put all of her power into one big kick aimed directly at my baby maker.

As I was reeling in pain (and wondering if I'd ever be able to have children), Mirror JessAnn returned to her own universe. Who knows why she left so soon? Maybe I was just too weak to be able to bond with her. Or maybe kicking my ass was all she needed to do to somehow prove herself in the Mirror Universe.

All I know is that my Mirror Universe counterpart is a fucking ninja. Well, that, and she doesn't have a beard.