The sun didn't melt me!

The river near our pavilion.

Wednesday was the day of our "First Hopefully-Annual SAC People Picnic" at State Park.  I spent the morning cooking pies (two of which didn't melt), then I spent the afternoon the sun.  (I would add "with normal people," but these were SAC people, and they're not normal.)  

Timmy making a spork, because I told him to use the open silverware first.
(I didn't know there weren't any forks left!!)

Chef Hippie showing even hippies can double fist.

Brother making Gram's PBR Kielbasa.

The sun stayed out most of the afternoon and it was actually a semi-pleasant day filled with food and fun.  The park was quiet, except for us, and the sights were beautiful.

Our "SAC Height" badmitton net (we were missing a pole). kielbasa.

Believe it or not, I took this while in a moving vehicle.

What do I do after spending a day outside?  I spent that evening, and most of the next two days in bed, alternating between napping and catching up on television shows.  Once, the curtains blew open and I was bathed in bright, bright sunlight.  I screamed so loud my neighbor yelled to the window to see what was wrong.  I replied, "The sun.. it burns!" He laughed and continued his yard work.


And can you believe, while I was outside, a waitress was arrested for shooting a customer that threw a waffle at her? What is the world coming to where wait staff can't let off some steam on their less-desierable customers?